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I need help please help me i am Pakistani Muslim girl want to marry a Indian Muslim boy he send proposal to my family first my father objected because he is Indian we did istekhara the istekhara is positive after many problems I said to my father that I want to marry him then he agree every thing was going good the decision was made that after Ramadan in the month of eid we will get married then there was a problem about nationality we went to embassy then thay said that it will happen they will trouble u but if u get the paper work right and make any source it will happen but now my father is objecting for our marrige after all the thing happen it just like that some thing happened to him he refused to marriage he dosent even want to see my finance please can any body help us is there nay bandish my there is interruption in my marriage my father is not lisining to any one do any body knows any dua for it .

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