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Safiyyah UmmMaher

Fruity Yoghurt Drink

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I usually make these as desserts and to drinks that I can drink after running. You can modify it in the way you want and make it taste what you want :sl: Here's my favourite.


for one person:


one glass of yoghurt ( strained yoghurt )

1 banana

1 mandarin


Take of the peal from banana and mandarin, cut the banana in pieces. Put them all into a blender and mix. Then just put in to a nice glass and if you want to make it look nice, then add some mint leaves. You can also make the yoghurt drink sweeter by adding sugar and vanilla. Simple and so tasty. I love it! :sl:



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mmmmmmmmmy !!!



send me some on e-mail !!!



Allah ybarek feke :sl:


thanks for sharing ! more yummy recieps please !

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