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Abu Zakariyah

Ks1/ks2/ks3/gcse/ Sats Tutor

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This is a service available to GCSE / SATS Maths /English /Science students to get extra help in their course work and exams from the comfort of your own home.


You will be able to speak to female/male muslim tutors through email and live chat to help you with your coursework and exams. This is an indiviual one on one virtual tutoring.


This service is ideal for those students who feel overwhemled with many courseworks and essays. If you are struggling with coursework etc get in touch and let the tutors take the load off you. (In otherwords we can take care of your coursework)


We also offer tutoring for students of ages 4 -16 in english, maths and science.


The fees are very competitive. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


For further details contact me.

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