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The Fall Of The Soldier

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My vision has vanished,

By the shadow of the Gate,

It has been scraped on my face,

As my generation's trait


I am thirsty,

For the Freedom on the other side,

Bury me beneath your feet,

Dig for me a hole in the sky...


How should I address you as a soldier,

When you haven't fought a war,

Your strength is lower than an animal,

And impossible to compare to air,


My grandfather lived in prison,

Because of your greed,

You held it so tightly

Within the palms of your hands,

As he watched in disgust of thee,


Though he has perished,

And, though he is gone,

Walk by his blood

You will understand from then on,


But, still you hold the Water that I crave,

You drip it selfishly, Upon his grave,


You are still thirsty,

For more than I can see,

Though, this is not what you want,

What you want is me...

Sever my flesh,


As you crack nature's face

My blood feeds your thirst...

The hate that grows in each vein

Its flame glows in the Abyssof your eyes,


And your hands grip to the Edge,

Fall within the Depths of your Deceit,...

My blood feeds your thirst,...

Taste it, soldier, taste it....


How it gushes out of me, smoothly

Into stones, it turns,

scraping your throat,

Stab the sword into me,

The Zam- Zam flows gently...

By: Nadia Al- Ramahi

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mashallah! that was an amazing poem.

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Asalam Alaikum Wa Ramatualahi Wa Barakatu...

Such an inspirational poem,would you mind if i saved it to my computer so that i could share it with more people...

Jazakallah Khair for sharing

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